The best for you – direct shares or managed investment funds?

Many people that are interesting in Self managed superannuation fund are wondering if they should go for direct shares or if they should consider managed investment funds. There are many people that are considering buying shares, but because if this question, they don’t know which one is best. Here is some information that might let you consider direct shares:

It is more transparent

The thing that you should consider, is that when you are using managed investment funds, you might not be able to see exactly what the shares are all about, or get more information about the company you are buying shares from. This is because your broker is doing it all for you.

When you are considering Self managed superannuation fund and you are considering direct shares, you will know exactly what is going on with the shares. You will be able to buy the shares yourself and sell it the moment that you want to sell it. There is no waiting period, and you don’t need to wait for your broker to make the final decisions. Visit this site for more information :

You will have full control

This might not be something that most people like, but if you are managing your own Self managed superannuation fund and you are getting direct shares, you will be able to be in full control. You are making the decisions and not some broker that you need to trust with your money.

All the research is done by you, and you decide at what price you are going to sell the shares again. And, the amount of profit you is going to make. There are people that are considering this option, because they know the importance of managing your own finances.

The profit and loss

 When you are using a broker for managed investment funds, you need to share your profit with him. No matter how big or small the profit might be. And, if you don’t make any money, but are at a loss, you also need to pay the broker, making the loss even more.

With direct shares and with Self managed superannuation fund, you are going to take all the profit yourself, and you don’t need to pay anyone commission for their work done. And, if something happens and you are at a loss, then you don’t need to pay someone for assisting you in losing money. All your loses and all your profit will be yours, no matter what.

There are many debates going on about direct shares or managed investment funds. There is not a wrong or right choice, because people are different. But, there are somethings that you should consider before you make your final choice. There are many benefits in direct shares that you will not get with when you hire someone to manage your shares for you.  You should make sure that you are doing your homework and decide if doing the Self managed superannuation fund is the thing for you, and if you will be able to handle it with direct shares.

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