Going solo in self-managing super funds: What to expect.

Thanks to the results of a recent taxation, we have learned that younger Australians have been taking a charge of their self-managing and being conscious of their retirement. They have turned away from the world of fast food, retail or serving others in return for making their own paths of wealth and lead. With females being able to reach a balance of $498,000 and males, $633,000, they have established themselves well and can look forward to their retirement head held high. They have invested with more than $620 billion and many more to flow and use in the structuring to better those successful business and only by the end of 2016.In a world where many others are trying to do the same, young or old, just heading out of the university or trying to the best for a failed business, here are the advices and what to avoid to succeed with your superfund as these men and women have done.

Beginnings and Dedication

You must be determined to begin with a big balance. The bigger it is the more successful it shall be. You have all the control; you decide what you contribute, what to invest, what to fund, everything is your rules, done to your understanding and what you think is best. But you must structure it. There are many obligations and you do require a trustee, someone that can help you with better tax rules or any others that you might bypass.


The Australian government has a set of lists of people or other agencies that can help you in finding the perfect companion. This person can also help advice you on your journey, someone who understands your circumstances and can work around them to give the best strategy. Dedication, trust to the close help you will get and keeping order can prove better than holding many superannuation funds.

Suggestions and what to avoid

You must hold these same dedications when doing your taxes as well. On the way you can find ways to help minimize it. One of these means involving your family. Having these unified funds and investments can really help with providing to those of your own as well. It is flexible to provide, you can change the income to your need and those around you, especially in the case of a tragic incident. It can ONLY be used for your retirement, not to buy holiday homes or rare outwork before hand; it’s illegal and can really damage the perfect balance you’re trying to reach.


It must be made clear that it is not for everyone and professional help is severely recommended to determine your exact position when it comes to earnings, what you might lose, how to invest and to be more exact on what is to be expected. It takes a lot of time and savings and sometimes it’s preferable that someone else deals with these kinds of savings. Then again, not every advice out there is sure to be successful, sometimes risking and following your own advice can prove better

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